Lady Bay Art Festival

rtists and Venues

The festival programme is coming together. To date we have nearly 50 artists matched to 17 venues. On friday 24th Feb we will be holding a social night for artists and hosts to meet each other and to meet the committee.

The Organisers:

Brenda Baxter
Jean Guest
Sally Hellewell
Lois Gardner-Sabet
Ruth Hunt

The artists:

Tracey Meek; Madeleine Burt; Andy Mason; Ruth Hunt; Lois Gardner-Sabet; Alan Birchall; Victoria Brown; Rebecca Ounstead; Sally Lemsford; Kate Lawrence; Julie Vernon; Karen Walsgrove; Shooqi Atrabi; David Booth; Mark Green; Janet Smith; Ann Mortimer; Sue Sareen; Juliet Goodden; Hannah Broadhead; Jeff Childs; Charlotte Thomson; Meghan Goodeve; Olivia Aspinall; Alex Smith; Danny Cleary; Emma Williams; Sally Hellewell; Fran Tristam; Rod Bailey; Keith Rollin; Rachel Heaven; Annette Roe; Martin Jones; Jane Wileman; Alys Power; Anna Colette Hunt; Liz Emery; Rab Gorman; Dorothy Platter; Victoria Gordon; Mark Bevan; Brenda Baxter

Here emerging artists and artists who have exhibited nationally will come together. It's very exciting that the event has attracted new artists bringing fresh talent and art practice to the area.

In the following weeks further details and links to artists' websites will be uploaded.

Last night EMVAN put on a conference at Derby's QUAD offering the chance for artists in the East Midlands to meet a panel of curators, to talk to them about their work and how they've experienced the evolution of the relationship between the two groups. It struck home how unique Lady Bay's festival is, being entirely artist led and run by volunteers and how in many ways, having grants or being on a paid employment contract exerts controls and stresses that on occasions curtail and inhibit freedom and creativity.

Thanks to your continuing support and a special thank you to our hosts and volunteers.